Gutting to the studs

When it comes to demo, our contractor does NOT mess around.

2015-12-18 12-09-05 -0500.jpg

Our very own dumpster!

Within a day or two, all the wood paneling was in the middle of the living room, and you could see all the lath & plaster and old wallpaper. Continue reading


Demolition derby!

The night we closed, KC and I headed out in the pouring rain to our new HOUSE THAT WE OWNED. What an insane feeling, to own a building! We did not bring a pizza to eat like many do because the house was, TBH, a little too gross to eat in. It was not, however, too gross to drink in and we popped a bottle of Veuve and drank it in the bathroom in front of that magnificent wall mural.


Then, coupe in one hand and sledgehammer in the other, we opened a few walls, just to peek. Continue reading

Design inspiration #1: all I want is a midcentury beach house

They say that designing a house from scratch requires somewhere around two thousand decisions, but so far it feels more like two hundred thousand. There are decisions, and then there are decisions within decisions that you didn’t think about when making the initial decisions, which may require the re-thinking of your last five decisions and maybe one or two related decisions. There is no end to the decisions you need to make, the complexity of which is only amplified by the number of choices available to you in the first place. Thanks, internet!

But let’s back up and talk vision, shall we? Continue reading