Gutting to the studs

When it comes to demo, our contractor does NOT mess around.

2015-12-18 12-09-05 -0500.jpg

Our very own dumpster!

Within a day or two, all the wood paneling was in the middle of the living room, and you could see all the lath & plaster and old wallpaper.


Living room!





That week, we went to the house nearly every day after work to check out the progress. It was just amazing how fast they were working!

2015-12-18 18-12-59 -0500

One day the chimney was there…


Then it wasn’t!

We loved seeing all the old, old wood that was holding up the house. They don’t grow wood like this anymore, and they don’t cut wood like this anymore. We have plans for some of this wood (stay tuned).


Major floor joists in the basement – see the notched connection? The structural engineer said this was like 19th century shipbuilding!


One of the studs on the first floor. I love that rough edge!


The upstairs rafters. We want exposed ties in the bedroom, but these will need to be replaced.

Oh, and remember that dining room extension in the back? Also gone. Because the lally columns holding it up weren’t up to code (aka not actually IN the ground), the whole thing has to be removed and rebuilt. We’re going to add a large multi-level deck with sliding glass doors coming out the back of it for al fresco dining in the summer!


This was probably one of the most jaw-dropping sights for me. See that new wood beam going across the first floor? THAT is level with the earth, believe it or not. Nothing else in the house is. And you can see on the foundation that the basement windows are almost a whole cinderblock offset from each other.

Once we got to this stage, the contractor felt that it would be easiest and best structurally to simply reframe and rebuild the floors from scratch. We were at first sad to lose even more of the house’s original history, but as I alluded to above, we have some exciting ideas for those beams.

We have a woodworker. [to be continued]


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