The waiting game

March was slooooooooow. Since our last draw inspection (when the HUD consultant determines what finished work the GC can be paid for) at the end of February, it feels like very little of substance has been done. The electric came to a grinding halt, as did what feels like a lot of other things, and we went from feeling like we might get to move in early, to wondering if the house would even be finished on time. Per the terms of the 203k loan, the job is supposed to be completely finished 6 months from the closing date, which would get us to June 2. We’re now officially 2/3 of the way there, we haven’t even had our rough inspection yet, and it still feels very far away from being a complete house. However, a few updates, and a few pictures! 

First, we got a brand new roof, which means the skylights in the master bath and stairway went in! It literally took one day for them to do this, which kind of blew my mind.

The awnings and stone facade on the front of the house were removed, and we picked out a nice blue color for our new cement fiber siding (not yet installed). Fascinating to see where changes were made to the window sizes in the past! Why would you ever make your windows smaller?

Speaking of windows, our fancy new ones are all in now (below)! As you can see, we’ve increased the height of all the front windows, and I think the house looks more balanced. They are vinyl-clad wood with unfinished wood on the inside, which means we can stain them any color we want! I’m pretty excited about that. I’m also excited about having light coming in from both ends of the house – the big picture window in the front and the new deck sliders in the back.

In the meantime, we’ve been unable to resist buying some things for the new house. I mean, when you find a deal, no time to wait for the GC to get it! We found out that a wall oven/microwave combo that we wanted had been returned to the store unopened, and they would give it to us at a 25% discount. We’ll take it! The catch, of course, is that we literally had to take it, immediately. But we couldn’t store it at the house because it’s an active job site, which meant that…our cat has a gigantic new perch.


We also started planning what to do with all of that beautiful wood we salvaged from the floor joists. There wasn’t quite as much of it as we hoped, but our woodworker says there’s enough for two projects: first, the exposed rafter ties in the master bedroom. The second is very cool, but I think should wait for the next post.


The wood in its current state.


Sanded with some stain options.

I could seriously stare at this wood all day, it is so gorgeous! For the rafter ties, I love this honey-colored middle stain, which allows all that beautiful character and detail to shine.


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