This might actually be a house one day

There was a point this spring when my anxiety levels really peaked. There was just no way this house was going to be done when they said it would be done, when it HAD to be done, according to the terms of the rehab loan. So what happens when June 2 comes and goes? I mean, they signed a contract, right?

“Well, you can fire your GC if you want,” was the helpful advice from the bank. Otherwise we had no leverage. With the exception of getting paid for work done, the GC has no real incentive to finish the house on time. Since firing him and finding a new one during busy season did not seem to increase the chances of the house being finished any faster, we were stuck with who we hired. Who, I should say, was doing very good work –  just slower than we’d hoped.

But then things started to pick up. As you saw in the last post, we got our new fiber cement siding and trim, which I LOVE.

house front

We got a SWEET-ASS gigantic two-tiered deck that is even more glorious than I’d imagined.


We got spray-foam insulation!

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And finally, we got drywall!


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It is starting to feel like we might actually get to live here one day. Next comes plaster, flooring, and then all the fun stuff!


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