The home stretch?

There’s been a part of me that feels like because we’re going through all of this – the work, the stress, the 9 months (!) of paying rent on top of mortgage – that everything in this house should be perfect. After all, we’ve essentially started from scratch; what excuse could we have if things aren’t perfect? IMG_1439

But I’m starting to see that not everything will be perfect, and learning to accept that. The reasons for non-perfection are many – sometimes it’s my fault for not being specific enough about what I wanted, sometimes it’s a less-than-optimal judgment call by the tile guy, and sometimes the quirks of the property simply prevent the perfect thing to be possible, like a gigantic tree in the exact spot where we need a fence post.


I have to imagine that in the grand scheme of things, this house will still be more perfect than a house that I spent the same amount of money on but someone else designed and built without talking to me. So if the trim on the stairs is not my style or the toilet really should be 3 inches over, I’m just going to deal with it, because it will still be our house. Our very first house! I mean, does anyone get it 100% right their first time? Here are lots more photos!


Plaster in the master!


Entryway with new front door!


Hardwood floors (6″ white oak)


Hardwoods looking into the kitchen (no that is not our final fridge)


1st floor shower, with penny tile. Not thrilled with the tile job, but this is really only here for resale value anyway.


New alley gate – great job by the carpenter to accommodate the house tilt.


Alley gate on the other side of the house.


New stairs! 


Kitchen beginnings.


Our woodworker brings the finished salvaged floor joists upstairs.


So pretty! Top ones are for the bathroom, bottom ones are for the exposed beams in the bedroom.


Bathroom vanity wall


Another view of the vanity wall, with the shower.

At this point, I just want it to be done. As you can see, July was productive – we got plaster, flooring, a backyard fence, a front door, bathroom tile, the start of kitchen cabinets, a new staircase, and…our bathroom feature wall, made from the floor joists we salvaged! I think it looks amazing. Overall we’re in decent shape, and now it’s just a race to move-in day, which is scheduled for Aug 22, 3 weeks from today.

I’m nervous, but I have faith in our GC that he’ll make it happen. We’re in the home stretch (I think).



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