Down to the wire

I’m not going to lie, the last few weeks have been exceptionally stressful. As the work on the house moved away from the fundamentals and into the realm of stuff I cared about (i.e. all the pretty things I envisioned over 6 months ago!), I became more and more nervous that something would go wrong.

And somethings did go wrong. There was a last-minute marble emergency, which involved me leaving work in the middle of the day, hopping in a ZipCar, and frantically searching the remnant yard for a salvaged bathroom countertop. I found a gorgeous one, though! I also learned a little about different kinds of marble. I always assumed that all the white and gray ones were Carrerra, because that’s what they always get on all the HGTV shows. But it turns out my preference is for Calacatta, which has more pronounced veins and less spottiness (even more dramatic is Statuario, which is just stunning, but much rarer and more expensive).


When you find the right marble, you just know.


Here it is in place, on the $75 Craig’s List vanity we bought and refinished.

I bought these pretty porcelain and brass knobs for the vanity drawers, and these amazing vintage sconces to hang above.

Back at the house, the GC and his crew have been working like crazy to get things done in time for our move date. One big thing was the floors. They may be trendy, but I LOVE gray floors, and I absolutely had to have them. I did a ton of research on how to get them, because the traditional stains at Home Depot mostly just wipe right off. After a lot of searching, I found Rubio Monocoat Fumed, a product that is specifically designed to turn white oak floors gray. You then treat it with one of about 30 different colored oils that they have, and presto change-o, gray floors, in any shade you want! You can order samples from their website to test the colors in person (the website pics are not that great), which is exactly what I did. It was so easy! Fumed-DC smoke floors

At the top, you can see what Fumed looks like on its own, and then what happens when you add each of 4 different oils. My favorite was DC smoke, so that’s what I went with. I have to say, my GC was a very good sport about this – I’m sure his floor guy would have preferred to just slap a few coats of polyeurethane on it and call it a day, but he bought this crazy product I found online and had his floor guys do it, and OMG it was SO worth it! These floors look incredible (and have lightened slightly since these pics were taken).


We also got our exposed beams, made from our salvaged floor joists, installed in the master bedroom:


Bought a funky mailbox and painted some cheap house numbers to match:

Finally, my favorite part – the kitchen has started to come together, and it is better than I even dreamed in my head!


Can you even get over this island??? 


My baby – the backsplash tile, is just to die for.

I cannot believe how far this little house has come! IMG_1481Still lots of little things still to do, but all hands are on deck!


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